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Beginnings and endings OR the cross - weave of life stories. Blue and red fiber tip marker.
The composition contains the first sentence (blue color, horizontal) and the last sentence (red color, vertical) from every book on my shelf. Love the effect!

Through this composition, I came to the following understanding:
More often than not, endings overshadow the beginnings.
Consider this:

"He had always lived a happy life but he died with a frown in his face"


"He had lived a miserable life, full of grief, sadness, violence and death, but he died with a smile on his face"

Doesn’t the last ending seem much nicer than the first one. Interesting that a happy ending can justify a whole life of misery while a sad ending can put a question mark on a lifetime of happiness. Interesting stuff!

Getting closer to creating a sphere with handwriting…yey!!!

Completed the entry for a handwriting contest!