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Sun charkhe di mitthi mitthi kooke… (Listening to the soft call of the spinning wheel…)

Watching the sunrise and the sunset.

Sunshine! - one ‘e’ missing but oh well :)

Pehlaan aap khuda ne ishq kita (First of all, God fell in love himself…)
from one of my favorite sufi couplets

The first part is poetry by Maggie C Royer, you have a beautiful way with the words Meggie!

Rain: appropriate fir today’s evening…had wanted to make this for so long! And like the effect…happy…:).

From the book ‘Humans’ by Matt Haig - thoroughly enjoyed it!

Eindhoven - thinking of you!
Markers on paper.

Neither/Nor: some more scribbling around on the plane.


Another sufi poem by Bulleh shah. Drawing ink and markers on paper.

"Haji lok makke nu jaande, Asan jaana takht hazaare."

(Pilgrims go towards Mecca to pray, but I (Heer - Ranjha’s lover), want to go to Takht Hazara -the birthplace of my beloved (Ranjha), for pilgrimage.

My first post to cross a 100 notes!!! Yay :) and thank you!

(via komalii-samra)

"Owe": Fiber tip pens. Calligraphy on the plane. It feels like ages since I did calligraphy. Am traveling, so would be on and off for the coming month or two.


Shadow: “when one becomes a shadow of oneself, and you can’t see the person for the shadow dwarfs everything else.”

Crow King: because graffiti festival in Eindhoven and I like ink splashes!