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Daylong: Because it was summer solstice yesterday and it’s the Eindhoven graffiti festival this weekend…

Charmed. India ink on paper.

Aaj jaane ki zid na Karo ( Don’t insist on leaving today) … I think I have done this one before. Acrylics on paper.

Order in the face of chaos: gothic capitals (majescules) and English gothic miniscules. Ink over an acrylic background on paper.

Sunrise! Gouache on paper.

'Vol' (French) meaning 'Fly'. Heard this word in a song that my brother showed me on YouTube and liked it.

Love in flow: water colors on canvas.
Could be better but like the idea.

Kingdom of the sun! : watercolor, markers on paper.

Imagine! Warming up after a break.
Watercolor on paper.

Gray day, thinking of spring: acrylics on water color the beginning the letters are bad but happy with ones later.

Letters at the window, some are dolled up and some are just waking up…acrylics, fiber tip marker.

The love photo-shoot: Acrylics and fineliner on paper. Wondering if I should make a complete font from this.

Queen Ravenhair: Ink on paper - Excerpt from ‘Notorious Pleasures’ by Elizabeth Hoyt. Originally, it comes from a folk tale ‘Queen Ravenhair’ , I think.

Love behind bars - ebbs or flows? - Acrylics (with palette knife) on Paper 

Bold, Imperfect,Perfect Love? - Acrylics with palette knife on tracing paper