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Some hindi compositions - trying out different things.

The first is Ishq - love: written with acrylics and an eyeshadow brush.

The second is a Sheyar - couplet by Iqbal (Marker, Ink on paper):

"Dhoondta phirta hoon ay Iqbal apne aap ko,

I wander around, looking for myself

Aap hi goya musafir, aap hi manzil hoon main 

Turns out that I am the traveler, and the destination as well.”

One of my favourite couplets from a famous poem by Dushyant Kumar - Ink on Paper


"…The intent is not to create a ruckus/chaos,

All this trying is to change the state of things,

If not in my heart, then, in your heart,

Wherever the fire (passion) may be, 

but the fire must burn on…”

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