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Oh! - trying out the new acrylics I bought, on paper.

'Vol' (French) meaning 'Fly'. Heard this word in a song that my brother showed me on YouTube and liked it.

<p>Kadi aa mil yaar pyaarya (come and see me some time, my dear).- Sufi poem by Bulleh Shah.</p> <p>The biggest canvas I ever painted :), yippie!


Let’s go for a walk! Marker on paper. Quite a lot of mistakes :/.

From the story “Love: A memory bought” by B-Infiniti.

J.M.Barrie said ‘Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always to try to be a little kinder than is necessary?’. - uncial with fiber-tip marker on paper.

I think this is a nice guiding rule because often I hesitate to ask someone what is wrong or if I can help just because I think the other person may brush me off,but kindness should be practiced, beyond required politeness and regardless of the reaction of others, I think.

Rogue Ranger : Fiber tip marker on canvas, rubber stamps for border. Another piece in uncial script, me likes!

Waves: Fiber -tip marker paper

Nostalgia: Ink on Paper

Tried another piece similar to an older piece, and the older one looks much better, even though it is more amateurish, guess playfulness is as important as correctness :)!

The love photo-shoot: Acrylics and fineliner on paper. Wondering if I should make a complete font from this.

The first blush of love or the blush of first love? (a bit darker than I wanted :) ) : Acrylics on paper.

Are capital letters really needed? What do you think? : Black, Pink Ink on paper - Excerpt from Strata by Terry Pratchett.

Are capital letters really needed, I wonder? In Hindi and punjabi and all other Indian languages that I know of, there is no concept of capital or small letters - but then again there are other differences between the indian scripts and the latin ones. So, tried this piece without any capital letters for beginning the sentences or for proper nouns. Is it just habit then, that this looks strange or do capitals actually help in case of English, I still wonder :).

Colors of Love! Acrylics with a pen knife on paper…first one with a pen knife, yey!!

Beautiful Poem by Rumi: Pink Ink , Blue Ink+White Gouache on paper

"What you see lies in the mirror,

though it’s your own, and not the mirror’s,

The breath that’s blown within the flute,

Who owns it, the flute or you?”

Translation taken from: 

The Illustrated Rumi: A Treasury of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul

Philip Dunn Manuela M. Dunn R.A.Nicholson 

Read this in a book by Terry Pratchett, one of my favourite authors - how can you not like an author who makes death seem cute and adorable.