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In love, appearance is of little consequence : India Ink & tea-stained, oven baked paper

A couplet by Ghulam Farid, sung by Jagjit Singh

Kisey ne majnu nu keha, 

"teri laila disdi kali ve"

Majnu ne jawab ditta 

"teri akh na vekhan waali ve

Ved vi chitta te kuran vi chitti,

vich syaahi likhti kali ve,

Ghulam Farid jad akhiyaan lad jaan,

fer kya gori kya kali ve”

A loose English Translation:

Someone told Majnu (a progatogist in a love story) , “Your laila (Majnu’s lover) is of a dark complexion”

Majnu Answered,” Your gaze is not worthy of her sight,

The pages of holy scriptures (Vedas and Qoran) are white,

but contain hymns written with dark ink,

Once your eyes have found your soulmate,

who cares if she is dark or fair

(appearance is of little consequence)”