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The Royal Q Makes a grand entrance! : ink, gold powder on paper

Smile: Scribbles here n there, ink on paper

Dance to the music within: italics, black ink on paper. The white space needs improvement but me likes!

Italics practice! Like the capitals.

The gaps! Like the effect.

Queen Ravenhair: Ink on paper - Excerpt from ‘Notorious Pleasures’ by Elizabeth Hoyt. Originally, it comes from a folk tale ‘Queen Ravenhair’ , I think.

Are capital letters really needed? What do you think? : Black, Pink Ink on paper - Excerpt from Strata by Terry Pratchett.

Are capital letters really needed, I wonder? In Hindi and punjabi and all other Indian languages that I know of, there is no concept of capital or small letters - but then again there are other differences between the indian scripts and the latin ones. So, tried this piece without any capital letters for beginning the sentences or for proper nouns. Is it just habit then, that this looks strange or do capitals actually help in case of English, I still wonder :).

Beautiful Poem by Rumi: Pink Ink , Blue Ink+White Gouache on paper

"What you see lies in the mirror,

though it’s your own, and not the mirror’s,

The breath that’s blown within the flute,

Who owns it, the flute or you?”

Translation taken from: 

The Illustrated Rumi: A Treasury of Wisdom from the Poet of the Soul

Philip Dunn Manuela M. Dunn R.A.Nicholson 

Ink, Oil paints on paper

Excerpt from:

The Prisoner of Heaven

Read this in a book by Terry Pratchett, one of my favourite authors - how can you not like an author who makes death seem cute and adorable.

Tried to create another one with ‘Order in the Chaos’. Spelling mistakes :/, but happy with the font.

Here’s to the bygone fall …. Ink, Oil Paints(straight from the tube) on Paper

Black Ink on Paper: ,Back to creating compositions, after months….yey!!!!!

One of my favourite couplets from a famous poem by Dushyant Kumar - Ink on Paper


"…The intent is not to create a ruckus/chaos,

All this trying is to change the state of things,

If not in my heart, then, in your heart,

Wherever the fire (passion) may be, 

but the fire must burn on…”

Complete poem at: from:

Inspired by Piet Mondrian’s style. Wanted to see how geometrical shapes and text would go together, as usual rough edges but am happy with the final result.