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Crow King: because graffiti festival in Eindhoven and I like ink splashes!

Charmed. India ink on paper.

Love in Tokyo: ink on paper. A calligraphy marathon today - 3 Asian pieces, me happy!

Order in the face of chaos: gothic capitals (majescules) and English gothic miniscules. Ink over an acrylic background on paper.

Red tape with a twist!

Red Tape. Ink on paper.

Untouched by hand? - ink on paper

Washed out: fun with wet gouache!

No man’s land: practice with gouache. Me likes!

The Royal Q Makes a grand entrance! : ink, gold powder on paper

Smile: Scribbles here n there, ink on paper

Dance to the music within: italics, black ink on paper. The white space needs improvement but me likes!

Italics practice! Like the capitals.

The gaps! Like the effect.

Queen Ravenhair: Ink on paper - Excerpt from ‘Notorious Pleasures’ by Elizabeth Hoyt. Originally, it comes from a folk tale ‘Queen Ravenhair’ , I think.