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Aaj jaane ki zid na Karo ( Don’t insist on leaving today) … I think I have done this one before. Acrylics on paper.

<p>Kadi aa mil yaar pyaarya (come and see me some time, my dear).- Sufi poem by Bulleh Shah.</p> <p>The biggest canvas I ever painted :), yippie!


Warming up after almost a month: Sufi poem by Bulleh Shah.

"Piya piya karte humi piya huwey,
Ab piya kis nu kahiye”

I called out for my beloved so much that I myself have become the beloved. Who should I call out to now?

Listening to the song ‘Husna’ from coke studio ….beautiful! … The song I mean, the composition could be better :)

Sundays :D

Suits the strange mood of today, with conversations about meetings and fear of goodbyes…

Bulleh shah’s Sufi poem

"Kade aa mil yaar pyareya" ( My dear darling friend, please, come and see me some time.)

'Aye Rangrez mere' - Hindi song: Thread painting with ink in the background and fiber tip marker.

"Rang itna gehra tera ki jaan-o-jigar tak ko bhi rang de"

(Your color is so deep that it even colors my heart and soul)

Another version of the sufi poem by Bulleh shah. Drawing ink, acrylics, oil paints, gouache, water color, and markers on paper. - used almost everything in my toolbox :)

See the other version here
“Haji lok makke nu jaande, Asan jaana takht hazaare.”
(Pilgrims go towards Mecca to pray, but I (Heer - Ranjha’s lover), want to go to Takht Hazara -the birthplace of my beloved (Ranjha), for pilgrimage.

Another sufi poem by Bulleh shah. Drawing ink and markers on paper.

"Haji lok makke nu jaande, Asan jaana takht hazaare."

(Pilgrims go towards Mecca to pray, but I (Heer - Ranjha’s lover), want to go to Takht Hazara -the birthplace of my beloved (Ranjha), for pilgrimage.

Finally a Punjabi composition :), Bulleh shah’s qaafi (poem)
Vehde aa wad mere (Step into my courtyard). - for a dear dear friend, hopefully she won’t see it before I gift it to her!

Hello all,

I am looking for Hindi/Punjabi/Indian blogs to follow, especially poetry, shayari, sufism, visual/graphic arts, etc. - to use as inspiration for my calligraphy. Drop me a line if you have or know of such a blog. You don’t need to follow me, just like/reblog this post.

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"Bullah, Ki jaana main kaun " - (Bullah, what do I know who I am.)
From a Sufi poem (qaafi) by Bulleh Shah (Gurmukhi script)

Some hindi compositions - trying out different things.

The first is Ishq - love: written with acrylics and an eyeshadow brush.

The second is a Sheyar - couplet by Iqbal (Marker, Ink on paper):

"Dhoondta phirta hoon ay Iqbal apne aap ko,

I wander around, looking for myself

Aap hi goya musafir, aap hi manzil hoon main 

Turns out that I am the traveler, and the destination as well.”

Main taan peeni ae: Ink, Black fiber tip marker on paper.

Two versions of the same piece.

The lyrics are taken from one of my recent favorite songs by Wadali Brothers - Main taan peeni ae 

Below are the lyrics with my amateurish efforts at translation:

Aj sajna tera na(am) lai ke, tainu kol bitha ke peeni e,

Today, I shall drink to your name, with you next to me, I shall drink

Aj botal wali nahi peeni, aj nain mila ke peeni e,

Today, I shall not drink the wine from the bottle; today, I shall drink from your eyes

Oh peeni vi ki peeni e, jehdi aj peeti, kal leh javey,

What use is that drink, which intoxicates me today and wears off tomorrow, 

Aj aisi kuch madhoshi de, jehdi umar bhar(aan) layi reh javey

Give me such a high today, that it lasts for a lifetime,

aj paimane vich nahi peeni, aj jaam luta ke peeni e,

Today, I shall not drink from a chalice,today, I shall drink with abandon.

One of my favourite couplets from a famous poem by Dushyant Kumar - Ink on Paper


"…The intent is not to create a ruckus/chaos,

All this trying is to change the state of things,

If not in my heart, then, in your heart,

Wherever the fire (passion) may be, 

but the fire must burn on…”

Complete poem at: from: