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Figuring out a composition…the first paid commission :)! Curious about the final result!

Sundays :D

Suits the strange mood of today, with conversations about meetings and fear of goodbyes…

Bulleh shah’s Sufi poem

"Kade aa mil yaar pyareya" ( My dear darling friend, please, come and see me some time.)

Finally a Punjabi composition :), Bulleh shah’s qaafi (poem)
Vehde aa wad mere (Step into my courtyard). - for a dear dear friend, hopefully she won’t see it before I gift it to her!

Munh Aayi baat na rehndi e (I must utter what comes to my lips) by Bulleh ShahInk, Chinese Ink on Paper.

Made some mistakes in the order of the sentences :/, but like the overall composition.

Lyrics and translation (By Kartar Singh Duggal) taken from SufiPoetry

Jhooth aakhaan te kuch bachda e,

Sach aakheyaan bhambad machda e,

Speaking the truth creates chaos.
Telling a lie saves one scarce.

Ik lazam baat adab di e,

Sanu baat malumi sab di e,

It is a matter of good form
A norm to which we all conform

Har Har vich soorat rab di e,

Kitey zahar e , kitey chupendi e

It’s God in every soul you see
If he is in me why not in you?

From a punjabi song “collaborations”: “rang de leya chunni nu mutiyaare ni mittran di pag warga”
(You have dyed the ‘chunni’ in the same colors as that of your lover’s turban)

Acrylics, fiber-tip marker on paper.

"Aj din chadeya tere rang warga" : from a poem by Shiv Kumar Batalvi
(The dawn that has risen has your colors today)

Crayons and Fiber tip marker on paper.

"Bullah, Ki jaana main kaun " - (Bullah, what do I know who I am.)
From a Sufi poem (qaafi) by Bulleh Shah (Gurmukhi script)

Heer by Waris Shah - a very famous  Sufi poem in Punjabi, Gurmukhi Script - for a  dear dear friend.

Main taan peeni ae: Ink, Black fiber tip marker on paper.

Two versions of the same piece.

The lyrics are taken from one of my recent favorite songs by Wadali Brothers - Main taan peeni ae 

Below are the lyrics with my amateurish efforts at translation:

Aj sajna tera na(am) lai ke, tainu kol bitha ke peeni e,

Today, I shall drink to your name, with you next to me, I shall drink

Aj botal wali nahi peeni, aj nain mila ke peeni e,

Today, I shall not drink the wine from the bottle; today, I shall drink from your eyes

Oh peeni vi ki peeni e, jehdi aj peeti, kal leh javey,

What use is that drink, which intoxicates me today and wears off tomorrow, 

Aj aisi kuch madhoshi de, jehdi umar bhar(aan) layi reh javey

Give me such a high today, that it lasts for a lifetime,

aj paimane vich nahi peeni, aj jaam luta ke peeni e,

Today, I shall not drink from a chalice,today, I shall drink with abandon.

In love, appearance is of little consequence : India Ink & tea-stained, oven baked paper

A couplet by Ghulam Farid, sung by Jagjit Singh

Kisey ne majnu nu keha, 

"teri laila disdi kali ve"

Majnu ne jawab ditta 

"teri akh na vekhan waali ve

Ved vi chitta te kuran vi chitti,

vich syaahi likhti kali ve,

Ghulam Farid jad akhiyaan lad jaan,

fer kya gori kya kali ve”

A loose English Translation:

Someone told Majnu (a progatogist in a love story) , “Your laila (Majnu’s lover) is of a dark complexion”

Majnu Answered,” Your gaze is not worthy of her sight,

The pages of holy scriptures (Vedas and Qoran) are white,

but contain hymns written with dark ink,

Once your eyes have found your soulmate,

who cares if she is dark or fair

(appearance is of little consequence)”

Charka (Spinning Wheel) - By Bulleh Shah(Sufi Poet)…Sung by Wadali Brothers.

Doing this calmed me down after a particularly troubling day at work…feel much better now :)!

Lyrics from Heer - sufi poetry by Waaris Shah…Punjabi (Gurmukhi Script)…experimenting with keeping a story together while changing layouts….unfinished…

Punjabi Alphabet - Practice - Not perfect but a good try!