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"If Only" - Finer Tip Marker on paper.

Even though the day brought hailstones instead of sunshine here…the grass in the park around the corner looked lush green with bursts of colors where the flowers bloom. This one is to the spring that sneaked in stealthily, while the sun was hiding behind the clouds and we were complaining about the weather - To life and new beginnings!

Fiber tip Markers and fineliners on paper.


B’day present for a dear friend….poem written by him…

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Happy Holi!!! 

Seems I am getting better at creating a colourful mess….:)

Aj aakhaan Waaris Shah nu…One of my favourite punjabi Poems -  by Amrita Pritam 

(I call upon ‘Waris Shah’  - the sufi writer/saint, to wake up from his grave and turn over the next page in the book of love)