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Here’s to the bygone fall …. Ink, Oil Paints(straight from the tube) on Paper

Another one with the new brushes…and with some spilled ink!

A Community of the Spirit” by Rumi - Present for a dear friend (, her favorite poem

There is a community of the spirit.
Join it, and feel the delight
of walking in the noisy street
and being the noise.

Drink all your passion,
and be a disgrace.

Close both eyes
to see with the other eye.

Open your hands,
if you want to be held.

Sit down in the circle.

Quit acting like a wolf, and feel
the shepherd’s love filling you.

At night, your beloved wanders.
Don’t accept consolations.

Close your mouth against food.
Taste the lover’s mouth in yours.

You moan, “She left me.” “He left me.”
Twenty more will come.

Be empty of worrying.
Think of who created thought!

Why do you stay in prison
when the door is so wide open?

Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking.
Live in silence.

Flow down and down in always
widening rings of being.



From Rumi – Selected Poems (Penguin Classics)

Translated by Coleman Barks with John Moyne

Taken from:

OOOOOOOOOs or Small Roses?

The beginning of it all…playing with oil paints to look for interesting colour effects….

Hazaron Khwahishein aisi…(A thousand such desires). First Complete Composition on Canvas…yey!!! 

One of my favourite ghazals by Mirza Ghalib 

There are thousands of ambitions that each such wish could consume my life.

My desires , and I experience them all intensely, aren’t enough for this one lifetime.

(Translation taken from: khwaishein-aisi-a-poetic-translation/)

Question: Some fun with water colour pencils :)

Carnival- What better way to experiment with all the colours, pens and brushes than today :)!!!

Text used based on ‘Rio Carnival Poem’ found at: