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Alif - the first letter of Urdu alphabet, also of Arabic and Persian, I think. Inspired by Bulleh shah’s poem “Alaf Allah naal ratta Dil mera.” Me likes!

<p>Kadi aa mil yaar pyaarya (come and see me some time, my dear).- Sufi poem by Bulleh Shah.</p> <p>The biggest canvas I ever painted :), yippie!


Suits the strange mood of today, with conversations about meetings and fear of goodbyes…

Bulleh shah’s Sufi poem

"Kade aa mil yaar pyareya" ( My dear darling friend, please, come and see me some time.)

Another sufi poem by Bulleh shah. Drawing ink and markers on paper.

"Haji lok makke nu jaande, Asan jaana takht hazaare."

(Pilgrims go towards Mecca to pray, but I (Heer - Ranjha’s lover), want to go to Takht Hazara -the birthplace of my beloved (Ranjha), for pilgrimage.

Munh Aayi baat na rehndi e (I must utter what comes to my lips) by Bulleh ShahInk, Chinese Ink on Paper.

Made some mistakes in the order of the sentences :/, but like the overall composition.

Lyrics and translation (By Kartar Singh Duggal) taken from SufiPoetry

Jhooth aakhaan te kuch bachda e,

Sach aakheyaan bhambad machda e,

Speaking the truth creates chaos.
Telling a lie saves one scarce.

Ik lazam baat adab di e,

Sanu baat malumi sab di e,

It is a matter of good form
A norm to which we all conform

Har Har vich soorat rab di e,

Kitey zahar e , kitey chupendi e

It’s God in every soul you see
If he is in me why not in you?

Charka (Spinning Wheel) - By Bulleh Shah(Sufi Poet)…Sung by Wadali Brothers.

Doing this calmed me down after a particularly troubling day at work…feel much better now :)!