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Carouse: Acrylics on paper.

Order in the face of chaos: gothic capitals (majescules) and English gothic miniscules. Ink over an acrylic background on paper.

Love in dark places, with some color!

The Imperfect Circle with colored windows - Acrylic on Paper.

There is something about the letter ‘O’ or circular/elliptical shapes in general ¬†- the shape seems to be the common thread across disciplines like Mathematics, Architecture and the metaphors like ‘circle of life’… the shape a drop assumes when it lands on a surface…the shape of earth…it is self-contained, the circular shape, it seems enclosed and does not lose its identity when distorted or broken.It perseveres and is comforting, with no sharp edges and yet a uniqueness all of it’s own.

Love behind bars - ebbs or flows? - Acrylics (with palette knife) on Paper 

"NO" - Acrylic with palette knife on paper

Bold, Imperfect,Perfect Love? - Acrylics with palette knife on tracing paper

Trying out the new Brushes I got today….me likes :)!