Calligraphy or something like it...

For the love of words and colors ! ~Beant K Dhillon~
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Priorities :D!


Shadow: “when one becomes a shadow of oneself, and you can’t see the person for the shadow dwarfs everything else.”

Crow King: because graffiti festival in Eindhoven and I like ink splashes!

Daylong: Because it was summer solstice yesterday and it’s the Eindhoven graffiti festival this weekend…

"Tokyo/Kyoto": Calligraphy Marathon - Asia II

Memoirs of a Geisha: Calligraphy Marathon - Asian II. Fineliner on paper.

Charmed. India ink on paper.

Love in Tokyo: ink on paper. A calligraphy marathon today - 3 Asian pieces, me happy!

'Love simply is' from the Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. Tried such an elaborate initial for the first time. Lot of mistakes but I like the overall effect. Gouache on paper.

Stories! Ink and watercolor on paper.

Carouse: Acrylics on paper.

Aaj jaane ki zid na Karo ( Don’t insist on leaving today) … I think I have done this one before. Acrylics on paper.

Figuring out a composition…the first paid commission :)! Curious about the final result!

Alif - the first letter of Urdu alphabet, also of Arabic and Persian, I think. Inspired by Bulleh shah’s poem “Alaf Allah naal ratta Dil mera.” Me likes!