Calligraphy or something like it...

For the love of words and colors ! ~Beant K Dhillon~
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Oh! - trying out the new acrylics I bought, on paper.

'Vol' (French) meaning 'Fly'. Heard this word in a song that my brother showed me on YouTube and liked it.

Happy B’day Zubi!! Wish you a beautiful and a wonderful life ahead!

Love in flow: water colors on canvas.
Could be better but like the idea.

Kingdom of the sun! : watercolor, markers on paper.

Empty canvases:who knows what stories are they waiting to tell!
Finished preparing background for painting, am curious , plus it was do fun to play with color!

Infinite: Playing around with the brush!

<p>Fair and Just: automatic pen and marker on paper.</p>

<p>Kadi aa mil yaar pyaarya (come and see me some time, my dear).- Sufi poem by Bulleh Shah.</p> <p>The biggest canvas I ever painted :), yippie!


Warming up after almost a month: Sufi poem by Bulleh Shah.

"Piya piya karte humi piya huwey,
Ab piya kis nu kahiye”

I called out for my beloved so much that I myself have become the beloved. Who should I call out to now?





Imagine! Warming up after a break.
Watercolor on paper.

Hello all! To celebrate completion of 2 years and 100 followers and to convey my thanks, I am taking requests for calligraphy. English, Hindi, Punjabi are welcome. So send your requests in!!

Thanks to all 99 of you for your time, kind words and encouragement. Two years ago, I could not imagine that anybody other than my family would want to look at my scribbles. Actually I still can’t really believe it :). So thanks for inspiring me to keep scribbling!!

Thanks Sjan! : a gift for my calligraphy teacher. Today was the last class of this season’s session. Will look forward to starting again in Fall!